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Website progress

Developing the PURCO SA website has been somewhat like scaling a daunting skyscraper. The underlying Drupal web development platform is incredibly powerful, but a whole new ballgame for developers whose skillset was primarily Joomla (an easier system to use, with without a lot of the functionality available to Drupal.

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Invitation to tender: Gases in Cylinders

PURCO SA invites all interested parties to respond to the Invitation to tender for Gases in Cylinders.
The current average spend over a three year period for Gases in Cylinders which includes cylinder
rental charges and bulk gases are R16m per year.

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PURCO SA is the purchasing consortium of the Higher Educational sector in Southern Africa. Our members include all South African and Namibian public universities and their allied institutions, as well as private higher education institutions and TVET Colleges. We focus on providing maximum benefit for our members through collaborative purchasing and professional support.