How to participate

All Higher Educational Institutions in Southern Africa can become "Full Members" and related or research institutions can become "Associate Members" of PURCO SA.

Member institutions can participate in various ways in our activities:

  1. Become a member by application and signing the "Member Agreement" and "Rules of Participation in PURCO SA";
  2. Authorise a delegate to attend and vote at the company's Annual General Meeting;
  3. Nominate and vote for a candidate to represent your region on the PURCO SA Board of Directors;
  4. Authorise your Head of Procurement to participate in our national Joint Procurement Planning Forum (JPPF);
  5. Keep control by nominating specialists to participate in our Member Advisory Committees, responsible for the tender and contract management process for each of our contracts;
  6. Encourage your procurement staff to attend our regional meetings;
  7. Ensure that end-users attend and support the activities of portfolio based User Groups;
  8. Participate in meetings during our member visits;
  9. Attend our workshops on various topics throughout the year;
  10. Submit input or comments for our monthly newsletter and website;
  11. Attend the annual PURCO SA conference;
  12. Network through PURCO SA with purchasing colleagues and exchange information.