2017 Presentations

Our 2017 Conference speakers presentation decks will be uploaded here as we receive permission from the speakers. 
Links to video'd speaker presentations will also be made available after editing by our technical team.


File DHET Meeting with Institutional Forum Chairs 2015032 .pdf31/10/17 5:55 am1.06 MB
File Vaughan Zoutendyk_Presentation Main.pptx11/12/17 11:02 am13.08 MB
File LEAP_Beyond Compliance 2017.pptx11/12/17 11:02 am6.55 MB
File UCT mymarket - PURCO.pptx11/12/17 11:02 am495.31 KB
File Obed De Swart and Selvan Munusamy Presentation.pptx11/12/17 11:03 am649.29 KB
File The Evolution of Fraud and Corruption in Supply Chain and Contract Management v2.pptx11/12/17 11:03 am637.12 KB
File Virtual Reality 30min.pptx11/12/17 11:03 am6.13 MB
File UPDATED GradNET[5].ppt11/12/17 11:04 am2.48 MB
File PURCO Conference Presentation - mymarket PCard Solution October 2017.pptx11/12/17 11:04 am1015.58 KB
File PURCO PRESENTATION SR and EPK 2017 Rhodes University.pptx11/12/17 11:04 am220.77 KB
File BOO! Introduction - Media Transformation Project - 2017.pptx11/12/17 11:05 am29.46 MB
File Mindfulness.pptx11/12/17 11:06 am28.69 MB
File Octavius Phukubye - PURCO SA Conference 2017.pptx11/12/17 11:07 am19.55 MB
File HE PROCUREMENT LAW_171027.pptx11/12/17 11:11 am1.41 MB
File `Transformation and ESD - excl vid.pptx11/12/17 11:13 am5.07 MB
File Culture Change and Mindsets.pptx11/12/17 11:14 am5.11 MB
File Janeez Hafizullah PURCO SA Presentation.pptx11/12/17 11:17 am417.82 KB
File Raymond Esau - open tenders.pptx11/12/17 11:18 am5.54 MB
File Bidvest Car Rental.pptx11/12/17 11:19 am9.96 MB